Discover a beautiful piece of 925 Sterling silver jewelry in every candle!

Each handmade Jewel Candle contains a rare, high-quality piece of jewelry designed just for you.  

  1. To enjoy your new keepsake, simply light your Jewel Candle and let it burn for a few hours! 
  2. Wait until you see the heat-resistant aluminum foil containing your new piece of jewelry.
  3. Make sure the candle has burned low enough that the entire foil package is visible. At that point, you may carefully remove the package from the candle using a tweezer. Feel free to use a tissue or towel to eliminate any excess wax.
  4. Let the foil cool, then go ahead and remove the packaging. Inside the foil, you’ll find a small ziplock bag containing your new piece of jewelry. Open the bag and enjoy your dazzling new gift!
  5. Can’t wait to find the worth of your jewel? On your candle, you will find a silver label with a 13-digit code that you can enter at  to “reveal” the value of your jewelry.
  6. Snap & Share - we want to see how amazing you look in your new jewelry!  #jewelcandleindia