Discover a jewel worth up to 3000 ₹ in EVERY product Jewel Candle!

Jewel Candle is the one and only high quality scented jewel candle that includes a 925 Sterling Silver jewel worth up to₹ 3000. You're sure to find a beautiful jewel in every Jewel Candle! Hidden in the scented wax of your Jewel Candle, the jewel emerges after burning the candle for about 10 to 15 hours. How does your Jewel Candle work? How can you remove your jewelry effectively?


1. After lighting your Jewel Candle and enjoying its wonderful fragrance for a few hours, your jewel will release wax and appear on the surface. Packaged securely in heat-resistant aluminum, it avoids direct contact with liquid wax or flame.

2. In order to remove the jewel from your Jewel Candle without problems, we advise you to wait. So, burn your Jewel Candle until you can see the entire aluminum pouch. Be careful when removing the aluminum foil from the jewel candle and keep a paper towel next to you to immediately remove the excess wax.

3. Once the aluminum foil has cooled down, you can start removing the packaging. Inside the aluminum, you will find a small bag containing your jewel. Open the bag and discover the jewel you have waited so long☺ 

4. The wait was worth it! You now own a beautiful 925 Sterling Silver jewel. Each jewel hidden inside our jewel Candle has a label certifying the material used to make it. If you want to get an estimate of the value of your jewel, you can take it to a jeweler. He will be happy to estimate the approximate value of your ring, bracelet, a pair of earrings, necklace or charm.

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